The plan:

  • Replace downstairs flooring in the living room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, dining room, laundry room and mud room with porcelain tile.

  • Purchase and install all new kitchen cabinets in a new, improved layout that eliminates the exterior door in the kitchen.

Can you say "scope creep"

Here are some of the things we decide to do along the way:

  • Replace all the door and mopboard trim. We had to remove it to do the tile and figured this would be a perfect time to update it a bit.

  • Repaint the woodstove (and reinstall it on the new tile floor before we'll have any heat for the winter).

  • Plumb the kitchen walls. They were almost 2 inches out of plumb from top to bottom.  (It appears that the whole 1st story of the house racked a bit during the original construction because all the walls are leaning the same way.)

  • Rewire the kitchen to provide separate electrical circuits for the major appliances, under-cabinet lighting and ample outlets.

  • Install plumbing to feed the fridge icemaker in it's new location.

  • Install under-cabinet water filters for the icemaker and a new filtered water faucet.

  • Redo the all plumbing under the sink to accommodate the new sink and dishwasher location.

  • Move the kitchen light fixture to be centered in the room.

  • Trim out the skylight above the kitchen.

  • Change the broom closet under the stairs to a pantry. We ripped out the existing shelves and replaced them with shelving along both sides of the pantry.  We also put in a narrower door.

  • Replace all the downstairs interior doors.  This all started when we decide to replace the bathroom door with a slightly wider door.

  • Plumb the walls in the hallway.  After all, why hang brand new doors crooked?

  • Move the light switch (to accommodate the wider door) and add an outlet in the bathroom.

  •  Refinish the bathroom cabinets and add new rubbed bronze hardware including faucet, towel bars and outlet/switchplate covers.

  • Replace the toilet with a new low-flow toilet. ( We were motivated to do this because we set the old one outside during the floor tiling and the trap broke because there was some water still in it that froze.)

  • Re-paint all the rooms before we put down the new floor tile.

This summer we plan to replace the exterior door and the north window in the living room as well as the windows in the northwest bedroom, then reside the north side of the house with Hardee Board siding.