Highline Trail

from General Springs Cabin to Camp Geronimo...

Oct 15-17, 2004

Phil & George watering the horses

George makes his way up
the Col Devin Trail

Nancy at the mouth of
the railroad tunnel


We camped at Washington Park. (It takes almost an hour of travel time to get there on the Forest Service Roads once you turn off highway 87.)  There was enough room for corrals and highlines in the trees right off the parking area and we parked the trucks and trailer in the parking lot..  There was running water in the East Verde River just 100 feet or so away, but it was a little difficult to get to; only the spot where the trail crosses the river is really accessible.

On Friday afternoon, Dave and I rode east from Washington Park on the Highline Trail.  We found a lot of downed trees, etc. and it took us almost 4 hours to cover 6 miles. The trail going this direction doesn't show much signs of usage and is hard to follow in some areas, but it was a pleasant ride non the less.

Saturday morning Phil, Nancy and George arrived.  Nancy, George, Wendy and Dave rode the Col. Devin Trail from Washington Park up to General Springs Cabin.

The trail starts out following the power lines and we missed the turn where the sign said "Railroad Tunnel Mile, so we continued up the power line access.  It was pretty steep and rocky, but all the animals handled it quite well. On the way back down, George spotted the trail sign and we went back that way, stopping off at the railroad tunnel to check it out. 
Sunday morning we all started out on the Highline Trail towards Camp Geronimo about 9 miles to the west.  The weather was a bit unsettled and the trail was blocked by fallen trees in several places but we were able to either go around them or clear the trail so we could continue on.     

Dave, Wendy & Nancy at
General Springs Cabin

Lunch break!

What's the Plan? 

Our plan is to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday riding the Arizona Trail from General Springs Cabin up on the rim down to Washington Park, on to Weber Creek, and then to the trailhead at Pine.  So far it looks like Dave & Wendy, George, and Phil & Nancy...anybody else? 

We examined the fall hunt regulations VERY closely last weekend and it appears that there are NO RIFLE HUNTS in this area on the 15-17th. 

Dave and I will go out Thursday afternoon or Friday the 15th in the morning... Phil & Nancy will come up Friday night or Saturday morning... Don't know for sure when George will arrive. 

We'll try to get a camp spot along Weber Creek just south of Camp Geronimo.  Last time we were there (a year or so ago) there was running water in the creek and I think the spring that feeds it is reliable.  However, if we have to go to the 2nd choice camp spot at the trailhead at Washington Park, I don't think there's any water...If my cell phone is working out there, I can call you on Friday and let you know which spot we're camped and what the water situation is.  Another option for us if the camp spots at Weber Creek and Washington Park are taken, is the Pine Trailhead just south of Pine off highway 87.  (You'll see it on the map below--it's the red "TH" marker right at the southeast corner of Pine. )   The Pine Trailhead has a paved parking lot, outhouses, and space off in the grass to highline or corral the animals.  I think there's even a small wooden corral there.  The down-side is that it is so near the highway.


Turn east off Highway 87 about 1 miles south of Pine on FR 64, the "Control Road".  Go east 5 or 6 miles to
the crossroads at Weber Creek where you will turn north for a mile or so.  Our camp will be easily visible from
the road.  The road dead ends just past the trailhead at the Camp Geronimo gate.  If you haven't found us by then,
(because someone else is in the only viable camp spot), go back out to the crossroad on  FR 64 and continue east 
on FR 64 to FR 32 and follow it north about 5 miles to the Washington Park trailhead.

  Click on the Map below to enlarge it to 8  x 11 so you can print it if you like. (Be sure to print it "landscape")
or email me and I'll send you higher resolution jpg of the map.