Beaver Creek 

Walker Basin Trail

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Babe having a drink in Walker Creek
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Overview Topos
   Bell, White Mesa & Apache Maid Trails
   Long Canyon, Deadwood & Walker Trails

Detailed Topos
   Apache Maid Trail-Map #1, Map #2,
   Bell Trail-Map #1, Map #2, Map #3

   White Mesa Trail-Map #1


Taking a break on the Walker Trail

Turkey Vulture

Buddy gazing back towards camp from the Walker Trail


Same Turkey Vulture
Sunset at Walker Basin camp


Campout and Rides out of Bruce Brockett Trailhead
with Kathleen, Leta & Susan - April 2009
Ready to Ride

On the Bell Trail

Wendy & Buddy


The "Herd" on White Mesa


Beaver Creek from White Mesa


Lunch Break on White Mesa


Sego Lily

Sunset from Camp at Bruce Brockett TH

Bell Trail
Last update: April, 2009